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*   "An evocative, breathless, compellingly written view of this epic journey, among the greatest escape sagas of them all.”   –  William Gilkerson, award-winning author of Pirate’s Passage.

*   "A powerful, impressive book ... a breath-taking account of a haunting and inspiring journey of spiritual and physical courage.  From Lion's Jaws left me transfixed on many levels with its lucid portrayals of courage and perseverance, of three hundred Tibetan refugees on a life or death escape over towering mid-winter snow-capped mountains …"   – Rudy Wurlitzer, screenwriter: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Little Buddha and Slow Fade among many others.

*   “A wonderful read. Apart from the extraordinary story, so rich and layered, of Chögyam Trungpa’s early life at the Surmang monastery, and of the incredible trek against astounding odds – parts of the journey were unbearable even to read – there is the vast and austere landscape, the history, the politics. ... From Lion ‘s Jaws should find very many readers, and will be hugely beneficial. It is a moving and beautiful tour de force.”   – Jane Rosenthal, award-winning literary critic, Mail & Guardian.

*   Barbara Stewart's Beyond Comprehension

*   Deborah Kaetz's A Harrowing and Most Amazing Journey

 Readers' comments and reviews

Wonderful … “ — Diana Mukpo

“Very accurate.” — Choje Akong Tuiku Rinpoche

… absolutely remarkable … devoured the book and finished in record time. It held my attention from the beginning to the very end ... even more remarkable on a second reading ... and have now read it three times.”   –  Ken Friedman

“What a book! What a journey! Magnificent!” — Connie Moffitt

“ … couldn’t put it down for three days … an absolutely brilliant feat of storytelling, bringing the depth and details of this extraordinary journey spectacularly back to life.” – Liz Richardson.

“Great book, well told story with the natural tension of the actual events described eloquently. Couldn't put it down and lost sleep over it ...” -- Barbara Berry

“What a story!  … am immersed in the book, which has taken up my entire day … only half way through, but won't be able to do much else till I've finished it!” – Katherin Wagner

"Great book!" – Steve Gleich

"Loved From Lion's Jaws! I sat glued to the armchair Monday night and could not put it down ... read twelve chapters at one sitting and I'm a slow reader ... beautifully written." – Anna Taylor.

"This book is about the present time, with many people being driven out of their homelands, crossing into strange lands inhabited by foreign people, some losing their lives in the attempt. ...This is a timeless story of human endurance during times of oppression. This book leaves one with total heartfelt compassion for the sufferers and their eventual victorious journey."  – John Perks

" Enlightenment has almost become a buzz word these days, but sometimes we wonder what it actuallyis. Inthis account of a courageous and terrifying escape, the challenges of extreme physical conditions, the treachery, the danger, plus simple confusion, is clearly depicted. But the back story shows how the 19 year old monk, Chogyam Trungpa, held a steady, kind, intelligent and practical heart, throughout this ordeal.  Grand MacLean has done an excellent and touching portrayal of what enlightenment looks like." – Jan Watson

"For the general reader this is a gripping and exotic adventure story, an amazing epic of courage and determination, and an introduction to a Tibet that is now lost to us. For those with an interest in Buddhism, and in particular for students of Trungpa Rinpoche, MacLean takes us along as this extraordinary young Tibetan lama passes through an icy Himalayan crucible, emerging as the Shambhala warrior that his Western students would later come to know and follow on their own journeys of transformation."  – Andrew Rock

"Purchased, downloaded, and read Lions Jaws yesterday! Could not put it down. Wonderful read and so well written. Thank you." – Anne Marie Huck

"Awesome ... could hardly put it down! Now I have to read it again, this time try to do so a bit more slowly! What a trek for Trungpa and his people ... can’t think of another 19 year old who could do it" – Sherry Richardson

"Fabulous ... a real page-turner ... a great story told really well." – Richard Wurtz

"A beautiful book ... " – Esther Rochon

“The writing is magnificent; the research, organization, flow, detail, and overall drama, creating a picture of time and place and unfolding of events is compelling, I'm tempted to say awesome.” – David Garrett

“Jaw-dropping ...“  – Don Winchell

"My husband and I are enjoying the book together - he reads it out loud.  From time to time we pause in awe and share tears together. It has changed our lives". -- Susannah Sanfilippo

"Fantastic book" - Errol Korn

"Deeply moving ... it has uplifted my spirit and imbued my practice. Bravo!" -- Susan Peters

"Terrific book! ...  added a lot of insight into the escape, especially the inner story as it was seen by others who joined in the adventure." -- Steve Blake.