Touch and Go


Touch and Go (2011) is a three-part video telling the story of the escape, using satellite imagery of the actual scenery. The extraordinary story, combined with seeing the harsh, spectacular terrain Chogyam Trungpa and the refugees trekked through, brings the saga powerfully home.

The best approach might be to follow the book's narrative while using maps and Google Earth to track the scenery, but this approach might not work for you. Watching the video is an alternative, BUT ....

... SPOILER ALERT: If you're reading the book - or plan to read it - watching the full video may drain some of the drama. It might be best to read the book first, watch the video later.

But here's a compromise suggestion: 

Watch the individual parts of the video with the SOUND OFF based on where you are in the book.

  • Chapters 1 -5: Part 1 of the video (journey begins at 09:23)

  • Chapters 6-11: Part 2

  • Chapters 12-14: Part 3

Of course, the video can be viewed whenever you like ...